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School Patrol

About Us

The School Patrol Educational Advocacy Services main purpose is to guard and ensure the protected rights of students who teachers who believe they have been discriminated against because of their disability, race, cultural, gender, and/or sexual preference. We strive to secure high quality advocacy and supportive services for all of our members. We are not tied to a political party, PACT, or other entity which affords us the opportunity provide services and supports without having to cater to any type of agenda.   


We strive to

  • Empower parents with the tools needed to collaborate with school staff in the planning and service delivery for their children

  • Coordinate services with attorneys, educational diagnosticians, and other professionals to assist parents plan and procure educational services for their children and preserve the rights of educators

  • Support faculty and staff members protect their rights as highlighted in their contracts and Board of Education personnel directives

  • Enlist the support of community stakeholders, civil rights groups, and legislative members to preserve, promote, and protect the rights of our members

  • Provide a forum for members to express their concerns, enlist the support of other members, and engage in informative and insightful discussions regarding their rights 

  • Provide training and consultation to schools and other groups as needed

Members receive

  • Access to weekly teleconferences where they will receive relevant information and be able to asks questions regarding educational and/or personnel issues

  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter

  • Information and Resources via email blast

  • Advance notice and Discounts to our live events

  • Exclusive membership in our Tickets at Work program (after 90 days)

  • Reduced rates on all fee for services provided (after 90 days)

  • Limited Advocacy and support services i.e. phone calls, letter, social media campaign (after 90 days)

  • Eligibility for pro bono assistance (after 6 months)   

ONLY 9.95 per month
 Your child and career are worth it 

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Fee Services Provided

  • Educational Assessments 

  • Individual Consultation

  • In Person Representation for IEP, Due Process, Personnel, or other hearings

  • Referral to community resources

  • Background checks (to include licensure info, disciplines, etc.) on school- based providers

  • Expert testimony delivery during internal and/or legal hearings

  • Intensive advocacy and support services (specialized based upon individual needs)  

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