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The School Patrol

A Community of Parents and Professionals Who Provide Educational Advocacy and Supportive Services
for Students Who Look, Learn, and Love Differently and the professionals who serve them

The School Patrol is a community of parents and professionals who collaborate to guard and ensure the preservation of the protected rights of students who teachers who may have been discriminated against because of their disability, race, culture, gender, and/or sexual preference. While there are laws which were designed to ensure equitable treatment for all students, research has shown that Special Needs students, English Language Learners, African American students, and LGBTQ
identified pupils continue to be disciplined and/or suspended at a higher rate than their peers.


School Patrol


While some of these measures used MAY be justified, we want to ensure that ALL of them are being
used in a FAIR and Equitable manner. Our team of parents, professionals, and advocates work diligently
to provide high quality advocacy and supportive services for each member of our community to ensure
that they receive all of the rights afforded to them.

Group Discussion

Our team will:


  • Empower parents with the tools needed to collaborate with school staff in the planning and service delivery for their children

  • Coordinate services with attorneys, educational diagnosticians, and other professionals to assist parents plan and procure educational services for their children and preserve the rights of educators

  • Support faculty and staff members protect their rights as highlighted in their contracts and Board of Education personnel directives

  • Enlist the support of community stakeholders, civil rights groups, and legislative members to preserve, promote, and protect the rights of our members

  • Provide a forum for members to express their concerns, enlist the support of other members, and engage in informative and insightful discussions regarding their rights

  • Provide training and consultation to schools and other groups as needed

If you are a parent or professional who is being discriminated against or a member a of group who is
more likely to face discrimination you should join our community. As a member, you will not have to
face the situation alone as we will stand with you in every meeting, conference and hearing, helping you
achieve the most optimal results.

Community Members receive:

  • Immediate access to the Clubhouse where you can:

    • Access a plethora of resources to assist you advocate for your child and/or career

    • Chat with other parents, professionals and community members for advice, support, and unlimited assistance through our community forum, and

    • Engage in live video and/or teleconferences where you will receive relevant information and be able to ask questions regarding educational and/or personnel issues

  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter

  • Advance notice and Discounts to our live events

  • Exclusive membership in our Tickets at Work program

  • Reduced rates on all fee for services provided

  • Specialized Advocacy and support services (up to 3 individual consultations or 2.5 hrs. research

  • and advocacy support annually)*

  • Eligibility for pro bono assistance*

*After 90 day probationary period

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