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Genesis Tow Community Outreach

Genesis II Community Outreach Services will serve as the outreach arm of Doc Williams One. Our outreach program will be strategically positioned to assess, address and correct the physical, fiscal, and educational needs of our community. As an affiliated non- profit entity, Genesis II will provide countless persons with a new beginning and fresh start in life through the following programs

  • Triumphant Transitions which will provide housing, employment, and family reunification counseling, linkage to community resources, and case management services to assist them access and utilize those resources. These services will target veterans, ex- offenders, disabled persons and other persons in crisis in an effort to aid them become self -sufficient and supporting members of our community   

  • Pre GED preparation services which will provide persons an opportunity and incentive to complete their secondary education. Students will be instructed in small class sizes and will receive financial assistance as they meet certain benchmarks en route to acquiring their GED.

  • Koinoia Gentleman and Debutante Society which will provide children in grades 3-11 the knowledge, skills, and abilities to complete their secondary education and fulfil their post- secondary education and training goals. Students will be engaged in academic assistance sessions, community service activities, cultural arts exercises, vocational and career planning activities, financial aid seminars, rites of passage and etiquette training. Our students will be engaged in college tours and visitations as well as speakers in various career fields to educate them about the requisites and rewards of their selected career. A Fall Formal Induction Ceremony and Spring Formal Presentation ceremony will be expedited for our students. Students who graduate from our program will be eligible to receive a scholarship to offset those expenses not covered by financial aid.

  • Indigent Care Services which will assist fiscally challenged persons with food, clothes or counseling which will match them with resources to meet their needs

  • Job Club to prepare unemployed or underemployed persons to secure more suitable work opportunities which will provide them with a livable wage. Participants will complete a resume, learn interviewing skills, grooming and hygiene protocol, and assemble the tools necessary to secure employment to include ID, Social Security cards, and other such implements

  • Empowered Entrepreneur program will match persons with the resources necessary to start and sustain viable businesses which will increase the employment rate of the community. Participants will develop business plans, meet with funding personnel, and receive technical support to start their business. A business plan completion and the winner will be afforded matching funds to bring their vision to reality.

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